BlockMint Launches New Website Focused on Carbon Tokens

Sept 7, 2022

TSX Venture:  BKMT

BlockMint Launches New Website Focused on Carbon Tokens

Vancouver, British Columbia – BlockMint Technologies Inc. (“BlockMint” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:BKMT) is pleased to announce that it has launched a new website focused on tokenized carbon credits: (the “Website”). A tokenized carbon credit, often referred to as a “carbon token,” is a non-fungible, tradeable digital asset on a blockchain that represents one carbon credit or one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of greenhouse gas emission reduction. Over the past year, there have been a number of companies that have created carbon tokens with the aim to use blockchain technology to build secure and efficient marketplaces to scale the trading of carbon credits. The Company created the Website to provide a single source for price and market information on existing carbon tokens and aggregate news for the emerging and rapidly expanding universe of carbon tokens.  BlockMint’s CEO, Nelson Ijih, commented: “The tokenization of carbon credits represents the logical and much-needed convergence of emerging digital technology and the carbon offset markets to address climate change. We believe that our new website will prove useful and popular with participants in the growing carbon tokens market. At present, there is no single source for pricing information on carbon tokens in circulation. As user traction builds, the Company intends to earn revenues through a conventional ad-based business model.”

To focus on the launch of the Website, the Company is discontinuing its previously announced small bitcoin mining operation at a third-party hosting facility.


About BlockMint Technologies Inc.

BlockMint, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Blockmint (USA) Technologies Inc., develops distributed systems and networks that enable a more decentralized deployment of blockchain-based applications. The Company’s Minter browser allows users to use their spare computing power to mine cryptocurrencies to earn either: (i) carbon credits to help offset their carbon footprint; or (ii) fractional ownership in a NFT. The current version of Minter is for use on desktops and laptops with a Windows operating system and is available at The Company also recently launched the website to be a single source of information on the expanding carbon tokens market.


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